Author Within. 

Stand up for and step out on your ideas and passion. It takes no small amount of courage to step out beyond the threshold and become one of the select who shares  their creative elements. 

1. We help tailor your literary work, both influencing your grammatical accuracy, structure, and content flow. We ensure your completed work is of its very best version.  

2.  We have expert marketing strategies that will increase your visibility and relevance in today's fast-paced markets.     

3. We do more than provide the access to purchase your book. We strategically place your work with new clients and proven venues for greater exposure and review. 

4, Your work  reaches international markets and distribution channels. Create the Opportunity. 


  • Ebook format.
  • Copy editorial.   
  • Library Web Page.
  • Hosting  (1 year).
  • Online purchases.
  • Social Link purchases.
  • Media Marketing promotional.

Word Count :  35K or less.  Best for (Novella,  Short Stories, Informative's , guidance journals, Children books.)

$675  USD

37,130 PHP


  • Author1 Services + 
  • Print format
  • Content Editorial 
  • Content / Author website.
  • Design, hosting  (3 years).  
  • International Distribution.     

*Word Count :  100k or less.  Best for (Novels, Informative's series, Life Coach series, Educational journals) 

$975 USD

53,630 PHP

*WRD count larger than 100k accepted. 

Project  Solutions

  • Layouts Design: Canva, ID
  • Media Design: Print, Digital

$150 - $300                          

*8200 -  16,500 PHP 

*Adjustment pending requirement 

Cover/Interior Design

Ensure your published work is in its best format and setting to capture the needed focus from intended markets and beyond.  

International Distribution 

Your Focused work ushered  into the excited hands of followers and devoted readers from all over. No boundaries


Website Creation/ Hosting 

We tailor your site to your needs from one year to three per new contract. As you grow, you will find us doing more than urging you on. Our efforts create new avenues and approaches for your achievement to become known by. 


Development and editorial

The words you say and the words you don’t both have an impact. We ensure your message meets all grammatical and literary requirements, without loosing your passion. 

What Now?  

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